Android software update Nougat 7.0 for s7 edge


Android software update Nougat 7.0 for s7 edge

GFix just updated our samsung galaxy s7 edge to the latest software available and we are enjoying it.

At first impression my first reaction was "why the hek did they do this" followed by "it looks cheap" but very soon after that (as in 3mins later), I was like "oh wow this is hot"....
the biggest change that sticks out is the thin text and icons, but the more you use it, the cooler it feels.
It not only feels cool but it also starts feeling quite premium, to the point where now I am hands down convinced that this user interface is much better designed than IOS.

It is super sleek. Android have taken the minimal approach which is why at first it seems cheap, but it is so amazing because as you use it more you realize that this uncluttered scheme makes you (or at least me) actually feel more relaxed, if that's even possible.

we give 1 huge thumbs up for the update and we just can't put down the phone now. 




Fake Iphones in Durban South Africa!

Fake rose gold Apple iPhone 6s plus back on wooden surface.jpg

If you hold this phone in your hand, you would probably never suspect it is fake because it is such a good copy. We came across this phone last week when a customer called us to change the screen. At first even we were fooled, but after a few minutes, we knew we were holding a very well made Fake Iphone in our hands.

As GFix cares about people, we thought it would be helpful to expose the fakes and give you a few tips so that you can make sure you don't get conned into spending your hard earned cash on one of these phones only to be mega disappointed later.

So here are some things to check for:

1) The phone is much lighter in weight than the original -

But if you've never held an original, you wouldn't know how to tell, so if you are thinking of buying a second hand iphone perhaps go to your local Istore and pic one up to feel what it weighs.

2) The screen protrudes from the body of the phone -

With an original iphone the screen would sit flush with the alluminium housing of the phone. You could buy a original iphone that has just had a copy screen fitted, in this case the screen would still protrude slightly but that is not as big of a problem as buying a complete fake iphone.

3) The screws and insides are completely different -

Now unless you are going to open the phone up yourself, it's going to be hard to see the insides. But we thought just for your info, to let you know that the phone is completely different to a iphone on the inside. it is made up of very cheap parts, like they have taken a 5 year old android phone and repurposed it into a iphone.

4) Copy operating system -

The fake Iphones are basically android phones, so it is impossible for them to run IOS. But the manufacturers install like a IOS mirror app, so it seems like you have IOS running on the phone.
once again if you have never used a iphone, you will not really be able to see that it isn't the right IOS.
One thing you can do is to try open the app store, on the fake iphone it will not be able to get into the real apple app store.

5) Lastly our advice is to buy from someone you can trust -

If you are looking to purchase a iphone second hand, give us a call.
We come across many good second hand deals and we can give the phone a good check to make sure you are making a safe purchase. 

Fake Apple Iphone with white cracked screen on wooden surface.jpeg



Drop test - Iphone 7plus vs Galaxy S8+ edge

THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!!!.........



they are making these phones so strong these days, they might put us out of business...... 


But too be honest it's actually a great, both these phones are high qaulity and if though our business is repairs, we never actually want your phone to break, we don't like to see our friends (customers) suffer.

have a watch, it is really interesting and infact amazing to see how strong these devices actually are.



Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 plus ( + )

Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 plus.JPEG

Samsung recently launched their new offering in their flagship range, the Galaxy s8 and s8+, and we think they are both amazing!!!

Both just screem high qaulity just by looking at them and ofcoarse they are packed with all the latest tech available for a smart phone.

our favourite is the s8+ with its huge screen, we can definitely see ourselves spending hours on this guy 👍🏻. 

it looks to be exciting 2017 as the smartphone giants go at it again. Who will win? Apple or Samsung are definitely the heavy hitters for now.

And ofcoarse, we don't want you to ever have to fork out cash to repair one of these devices, but if the unfortunate does happen to you, we will be right there to hopefully help soften the "blow" .


the new galaxy's are not available in SA yet but you can pre-order them on Samsung's website. 

go have a look for yourself.




Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 + in atmosphere.JPEG



Here's why the Note 7 exploded

Engineers at technology company Instrumental have stripped down a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, revealing why the device was prone to catching fire.

According to a report by Digital Trends, a teardown of the phone by the engineers revealed the probable cause of the issue which ultimately resulted in the Note 7 being recalled.

They said the battery was “so tightly packed inside the Note 7’s body that any pressure from battery expansion, or stress on the body, may squeeze together layers inside the battery that are never supposed to touch”.

The report stated that batteries swell under normal use and users generally place stress on a device by placing it their pocket or by dropping it.

“Tolerances for battery expansion are built into a smartphone during design, and Instrumental notes Samsung used a super-aggressive manufacturing process to maximize capacity.”

The Note 7 was designed to be as thin as possible while supporting a high-capacity battery.

“Any pressure placed on the battery in its confined space may have squeezed together positive and negative layers inside the cell, which were thinner than usual in the Note 7’s battery already.”

This caused them to touch, heat up, and catch fire.


Taken from

shy with explosion in background - galaxy note 7 joke.JPG

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exploding


Best look yet at the new iPhone 7.


Best look yet at the new iPhone 7.

With Apple’s annual update right around the corner, we’re finally getting a good idea of what to expect from the next-generation iPhone.


After it was "confirmed" that pre-orders for the iPhone 7 will begin on September 9, with a subsequent release date of September 16, Unbox therapy (one of YouTube’s most popular channels) has shared a hands-on video showcasing what he’s calling an iPhone 7 Plus prototype.

Giving us the best view of what the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus will look like, the video shows off the dual lens system of the 7 Plus that will likely be absent in the standard iPhone 7. Additionally, the video also gives us a first look at what could be a brand new color option for the 7: blue.

Furthermore, the video appears to confirm the 7 will indeed not have a headphone jack and may be even equipped for wireless charging – the “docking” magnets on the back look similar to the ones on the Watch.

We expect Apple to schedule the iPhone’s official announcement for September 7. Make sure to check back for updates.


Click this link to see a video about it. 


If Star Wars chose a phone...........


If Star Wars chose a phone...........

Samsung unveiled at a special press event in Barcelona the latest additions to its Galaxy product family, the next range of its flagship smartphones – the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.


This phone is a serious power house and I believe Samsung are brining a good hand to the table. The latest is packed with some great features like keeping the fast wired and fast wireless charging capabilities at the same time as upping the battery capacity.

One of the biggest new features is their new dual pixel camera, which should give much better low light shots.


One of the misconceptions is that Samsung release phones too quickly, but I would argue that the release dates are not far off from their biggest competitor (Apple). The s6 and s6 edge where released in april 2015 and the s7/s7 edge are said to release in march 2016, that’s only 11 months. The Iphone 6 and iphone 6s where released in September 2015 and 2016 respectively, that is only a 1 month bigger window than the Samsung.


My personal opinion is that Samsung have done a fantastic job in terms of build quality on their s6 edge range and I am excited to see how that has improved with the s7 edge. I have no doubt that the s7 edge will have a much more premium feel, when you hold it, compared to the current iphone 6s.


These are just a few discussion points with the s7 release, but there are some others as well like the new memory card slot and the ip68 water and dust resistance.

y conclusion is that I won't hesitate, I know that this s7 edge is going to be a force to recon with.






“I don’t think I will upgrade my phone – it still works perfectly well, and I’ll save

money if I just renew my contract for a package without a handset.“

Have you ever said this? Or perhaps you are thinking like this right now?

Stop! If I could give you some food for thought, because I’m personally of the

opinion that this will actually cost you more money in the long run, than what it

may save you today.

iPhone users are especially tempted to take this approach and skip their

upgrade. This is because Apple are known for manufacturing very good quality

products, and for being on the absolute cutting edge of new technology at all

times. This gives you a false hope at the end of your 2 years, that your iPhone

will give you another 2 years.

But here’s why I’d argue that to be flawed thinking:

I think we’d all agree that the rate at which technology is changing is

phenomenal. Of course, that goes for cell phone technology too: the cell phone

companies are also constantly upgrading, and releasing, new software for their


But your current phone wasn’t designed to run on newer, bigger and faster

information needs than existed when it was made.

So, what will happen? As time goes on, you’ll start getting frustrated with your

device, because it’s slow. Your poor old cell, that’s really doing the best it can,

with the capabilities it has; will basically just start to lag further and further

behind. I generally see it happening when a device is about 3 years to 3 ½ years

old. And one can’t blame the phone when this starts happening - newer software

is always designed with the latest hardware in mind. In fact, very often, newer

software is released even ahead of the hardware on the market at that time.

Remember that old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? (and yes,

we know that’s what you’re thinking when you’re trying to teach your folks how to

use the internet) - well, you can’t expect an old cell phone to handle new “tricks”

(technology), that didn’t exist when it was made.

Bottom-line: if you choose not to upgrade your phone now, you’ll eventually have

no choice but to buy a new phone (unless you abuse the device, of course, or

take Prozac everyday with your breakfast). Except, yup, you got it: now it’ll cost

you more than if you’d just worked it into your new contract to start.



Breaking A Myth

Do you doubt whether your device repairs are legit? Do you normally question your provider to see if he is using original parts? 

If you’ve answered yes, then you are a believer of the commonly held myth that there are original and inferior parts used when doing a device repair.