Replacing your iPhone 6 screen can be as easy as pie! 

All you need are these 4 tools as depicted: A small star screwdriver (the magnet on the screwdriver makes it more magnetic, making it easier to hold onto the small screws), a special screwdriver for the 2 screws on each side of the charging port (screwdriver with plain black handle as shown in the in picture), a suction cup and a tool to leverage the screen open.

Smart Phone repair tools on wooden surface.jpg

and 8 simple steps: 

  1. turn the phone off.
  2.  unscrew the 2 screws on either side of the charging port. 
  3. use the suction cup to lift the screen slightly and then leverage it open with a flat tool. The screen should now open completely.
  4. unscrew the cover over the battery terminal and disconnect the battery.
  5. unscrew the 5 screws on the top right hand corner plate. You will now see 3 connection points for the screen to the motherboard.
  6. disconnect all 3 connection points.
  7. transfer your home button, camera, sensor, speaker and back plate to your new screen.
  8. put the new screen back on following all the first 7 steps in reverse. Your screen should now be switched on with everything in working order. 

Often when the battery or something has been disconnected from the mother board, the phone finds it difficult to find a network (stuck in a searching mode) when it is turned on; if this happens, plug the phone into iTunes and it will correct itself.

Your almost brand new looking iPhone should be up and running smoothly!