GFix just updated our samsung galaxy s7 edge to the latest software available and we are enjoying it.

At first impression my first reaction was "why the hek did they do this" followed by "it looks cheap" but very soon after that (as in 3mins later), I was like "oh wow this is hot"....
the biggest change that sticks out is the thin text and icons, but the more you use it, the cooler it feels.
It not only feels cool but it also starts feeling quite premium, to the point where now I am hands down convinced that this user interface is much better designed than IOS.

It is super sleek. Android have taken the minimal approach which is why at first it seems cheap, but it is so amazing because as you use it more you realize that this uncluttered scheme makes you (or at least me) actually feel more relaxed, if that's even possible.

we give 1 huge thumbs up for the update and we just can't put down the phone now.