Do you doubt whether your device repairs are legit? Do you normally question your provider to see if he is using original parts? 

If you’ve answered yes, then you are a believer of the commonly held myth that there are original and inferior parts used when doing a device repair.   

Generally, what people mean by "original parts" is a part bought directly from a known brand. This most often comes with a somewhat higher price tag; whereas “inferior parts” are no-name brands cheaply made in China and don’t normally last longer than the drive home.

Well, the truth in fact, is that the larger part of all parts come from China; including those bought and sold by many of the large and well known brand names, who may then re-package and sell the parts from their warehouse and under their name.

The better question to ask is, "Does this part adhere to OEM standards?” OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which is an international measuring standard that all reputable manufacturers, both in China and elsewhere, will adhere to. OEM standards ensure a part made in China, Germany or Timbuktu will have the same level of quality, workmanship and manufacturing stops and checks.

So how are you able to tell that you are getting a good quality part fitted to your device?

The best quality test on all parts is simply the test of time - good quality parts will last and do what they're supposed to, when they're supposed to, and for how long they're supposed to. Whereas poor quality parts probably won't, because they don't adhere to OEM standards and were made on the cheap-and-easy, using inferior materials, for a quick buck and get-away.

"Wait a minute!  I can't pay to have a part put in and then wait to see if the part I've paid for is going to stand the test of time?!?!" I do hear you!

As a consumer this is when the best thing you can do is to make sure that you always use a reputable service provider to do your repairs since a reputable repair company has already run the "test of time" on parts from various suppliers. We already had opportunity to test and try parts and suppliers. We know which will last…and which won't. Furthermore, we are focused on building a long lasting reputation, instead of just a quick buck, and are therefore committed to only using the spares that have not come back to us with issues.  

Do your homework on the service provider you're planning to use: Research complaints and reviews relating to the quality of parts they use. Trust a friend's recommendation: If they've had something repaired in the past, and it's still going strong, the chances are that their repair was done with good quality parts.