Fake rose gold Apple iPhone 6s plus back on wooden surface.jpg

If you hold this phone in your hand, you would probably never suspect it is fake because it is such a good copy. We came across this phone last week when a customer called us to change the screen. At first even we were fooled, but after a few minutes, we knew we were holding a very well made Fake Iphone in our hands.

As GFix cares about people, we thought it would be helpful to expose the fakes and give you a few tips so that you can make sure you don't get conned into spending your hard earned cash on one of these phones only to be mega disappointed later.

So here are some things to check for:

1) The phone is much lighter in weight than the original -

But if you've never held an original, you wouldn't know how to tell, so if you are thinking of buying a second hand iphone perhaps go to your local Istore and pic one up to feel what it weighs.

2) The screen protrudes from the body of the phone -

With an original iphone the screen would sit flush with the alluminium housing of the phone. You could buy a original iphone that has just had a copy screen fitted, in this case the screen would still protrude slightly but that is not as big of a problem as buying a complete fake iphone.

3) The screws and insides are completely different -

Now unless you are going to open the phone up yourself, it's going to be hard to see the insides. But we thought just for your info, to let you know that the phone is completely different to a iphone on the inside. it is made up of very cheap parts, like they have taken a 5 year old android phone and repurposed it into a iphone.

4) Copy operating system -

The fake Iphones are basically android phones, so it is impossible for them to run IOS. But the manufacturers install like a IOS mirror app, so it seems like you have IOS running on the phone.
once again if you have never used a iphone, you will not really be able to see that it isn't the right IOS.
One thing you can do is to try open the app store, on the fake iphone it will not be able to get into the real apple app store.

5) Lastly our advice is to buy from someone you can trust -

If you are looking to purchase a iphone second hand, give us a call.
We come across many good second hand deals and we can give the phone a good check to make sure you are making a safe purchase. 

Fake Apple Iphone with white cracked screen on wooden surface.jpeg