Engineers at technology company Instrumental have stripped down a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, revealing why the device was prone to catching fire.

According to a report by Digital Trends, a teardown of the phone by the engineers revealed the probable cause of the issue which ultimately resulted in the Note 7 being recalled.

They said the battery was “so tightly packed inside the Note 7’s body that any pressure from battery expansion, or stress on the body, may squeeze together layers inside the battery that are never supposed to touch”.

The report stated that batteries swell under normal use and users generally place stress on a device by placing it their pocket or by dropping it.

“Tolerances for battery expansion are built into a smartphone during design, and Instrumental notes Samsung used a super-aggressive manufacturing process to maximize capacity.”

The Note 7 was designed to be as thin as possible while supporting a high-capacity battery.

“Any pressure placed on the battery in its confined space may have squeezed together positive and negative layers inside the cell, which were thinner than usual in the Note 7’s battery already.”

This caused them to touch, heat up, and catch fire.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exploding