A commonly asked question that we get at Gfix is if we can repair iPhone speakers. The answer is definitely yes, yes and yes! Gfix repairs iPhone speakers! 

However, how does one realise that their speaker needs repairing?

There are two speakers to an iPhone: 

  • The loudspeaker - for music and having conversations on loudspeaker.                                        
  • The top speaker - which is used when having normal conversations on your cell.                          

Both these speakers have small copper contacts which sometimes become less conductive over time, causing the speaker to function incorrectly. Another common problem with speakers is that they get clogged up with dirt, damaging the internals of the speaker as a result. 

With both of these problems we don't actually repair the speaker, we just replace it. This way we prevent more issues from creeping up later. And because the part is relatively cost effective, it would actually probably work out more expensive trying to repair it.

iPhone speaker repairs