“If you are bigger than your purpose then you have a career but if your purpose is bigger than you, then you have a calling.”
— John C Maxwell

A friend of GFix recently recited the quote above by John C Maxwell; and it is the basis on which we have chosen our new motto: 

People Before Profits.

We are convinced that what will set us apart is not only having the best prices or highest quality workmanship (although we have these too); but that what will be our key difference in the market is the way we treat our customers.

At GFix, we deeply believe that people are always more valuable than money; so we want to make it a priority to satisfy your needs before worrying about ours.  We want to strive for a win-win situation, and never settle for anything less.

Our hope is that GFix becomes a company known first and foremost for the way it treats people; as opposed to the normal economic want to be a company known for financial success.

It is our belief that if you put people first, the profits will follow.

We look forward to helping you in the future, and we trust that then you will experience our words lived out through our actions.