Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 plus.JPEG

Samsung recently launched their new offering in their flagship range, the Galaxy s8 and s8+, and we think they are both amazing!!!

Both just screem high qaulity just by looking at them and ofcoarse they are packed with all the latest tech available for a smart phone.

our favourite is the s8+ with its huge screen, we can definitely see ourselves spending hours on this guy 👍🏻. 

it looks to be exciting 2017 as the smartphone giants go at it again. Who will win? Apple or Samsung are definitely the heavy hitters for now.

And ofcoarse, we don't want you to ever have to fork out cash to repair one of these devices, but if the unfortunate does happen to you, we will be right there to hopefully help soften the "blow" .


the new galaxy's are not available in SA yet but you can pre-order them on Samsung's website. 

go have a look for yourself.




Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 + in atmosphere.JPEG