“I don’t think I will upgrade my phone – it still works perfectly well, and I’ll save

money if I just renew my contract for a package without a handset.“

Have you ever said this? Or perhaps you are thinking like this right now?

Stop! If I could give you some food for thought, because I’m personally of the

opinion that this will actually cost you more money in the long run, than what it

may save you today.

iPhone users are especially tempted to take this approach and skip their

upgrade. This is because Apple are known for manufacturing very good quality

products, and for being on the absolute cutting edge of new technology at all

times. This gives you a false hope at the end of your 2 years, that your iPhone

will give you another 2 years.

But here’s why I’d argue that to be flawed thinking:

I think we’d all agree that the rate at which technology is changing is

phenomenal. Of course, that goes for cell phone technology too: the cell phone

companies are also constantly upgrading, and releasing, new software for their


But your current phone wasn’t designed to run on newer, bigger and faster

information needs than existed when it was made.

So, what will happen? As time goes on, you’ll start getting frustrated with your

device, because it’s slow. Your poor old cell, that’s really doing the best it can,

with the capabilities it has; will basically just start to lag further and further

behind. I generally see it happening when a device is about 3 years to 3 ½ years

old. And one can’t blame the phone when this starts happening - newer software

is always designed with the latest hardware in mind. In fact, very often, newer

software is released even ahead of the hardware on the market at that time.

Remember that old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? (and yes,

we know that’s what you’re thinking when you’re trying to teach your folks how to

use the internet) - well, you can’t expect an old cell phone to handle new “tricks”

(technology), that didn’t exist when it was made.

Bottom-line: if you choose not to upgrade your phone now, you’ll eventually have

no choice but to buy a new phone (unless you abuse the device, of course, or

take Prozac everyday with your breakfast). Except, yup, you got it: now it’ll cost

you more than if you’d just worked it into your new contract to start.